This famous East Coast Kustom known as "White Pearl" was built from a brand new car by John North who was known as "Moose". The Moose script is still on the firewall and has been there since the car was new. More recently the car was owned by Gene Pitney and the car has a white tuck and roll steering wheel cover with Gene Pitney’s signature dated 1989. Gene Pitney is a famous singer/songwriter who was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2001. The car appeared in at least six magazines in the late 50’s and early 60’s, most of the original magazines go with the
car. The car appears today as it did when featured in the magazines 40 years ago which is extremely rare.
The car has only 44,000 original miles and is in incredible unrestored condition. It is painted with 16 coats of Lincoln white and complemented with bronze Watson style scallops and blue and white pinstriping. The chrome and stainless are excellent. There are 2 or 3 bubbles the size of the end of a pencil in a seam on one of the rear quarters which looks like a paint thing, not a rust thing. There is absolutely no rust in any of the door jams, quarters, windshield or back glass areas, etc. The paint is awesome but there are a couple of cracks mainly on the top of one of the front
quarters and a couple on the hood, even though this car has not been buffed for a long time it still looks great.
It has a detailed factory E Code dual quad T-Bird motor which was rebuilt in 1991 (1,500 miles since) and an automatic transmission. The car has brand new Coker wide white radials and new disc brakes mounted on dropped spindles. This gives the car an excellent ride instead of the original cut coils that were on the car. The interior, dash, floor mats, etc are all white tuck and roll. This was one of the first East Coast cars to have a rear seat tonneau cover which is rolled up in the trunk. The trunk of the car was never customized. The glove box door has been removed and a faux TV (Motorola style) from the 50’s was inserted. It has no tube but a picture behind the glass to make it look like a real TV. There are very few cars that were ever built from a new car and fewer yet that made the magazines.



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