1957 FORD X2
1957 FORD X2 - SOLD
    What fun and great parade material!!!!!!!!!!!! This 1957 Ford can be steered and driven in either direction ;) You can drive into a parking place and drive out of that same parking place ;) When you turn the headlights on going in one direction the parks lights come on on the other end and when you turn on the headlights on the opposite end the park lights come on on the other end??? The brakes, accelerator, clutch, lights, etc all work from either drivers seat. Both ends steer so you can really turn tight corners or steering in opposite directions makes you go down the street almost sideways or you can just zig-zag down the street with two drivers. The one end can be locked into place for using only one driver. Oh so confusing but twice the fun and not much cost!!!
    I have one tip.......... Don't forget which end you left the keys! After driving the car into my garage I got back in later to drive out but had no keys. After sitting there a moment trying to remember what I had down with the keys I suddenly realized I left them in the other end ;)




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